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Spotify is seriously important site for anyone trying to sell digital music. One of the key ways of getting your music heard on Spotify’s network is by getting it onto Spotify playlists. There are several types of playlists on Spotify, most of which you have little access to or influence over, such as Spotify’s own curated lists, algorithm generated lists or branded lists created by major companies or organizations.

To assist you in finding indepently owned playlists that you can pitch your music to, we have created a unique search tool called the Spotify Playlist Finder (SPF). It allows you to search Spotify’s Database and find playlists that match your keyword search. This search tool is free and, once you register and create an account with us, you have free access to the results or your searches, at any time.

Identifying Appropriate Playlists

“Direct contact with Playlist Owners, no middleman.”

Although indentifying appropriate playlists is very important, and our Spotify Playlist Finder is a huge time saver, FINDING these playlist owners is a daunting task. Our ability to connect you directly with playlist owners is invaluable and something you won’t find elsewhere.

As you likely know, Spotify does not provide ANY contact information for Playlist Owners from a search of their database. Thankfully we have been able to fill in much of the data gap. One way we have gathered this data is by registering playlist owners here on our website. Additionally, through ingenuity, hard work and proprietary tools, we have been able to assemble a substantial list of Playlist Owner's contact information. Your initial search results on our site will NOT contain this contact information; it will contain only the information Spotify supplies. Once your search is done, we will assemble the contact information we have on playlist found in YOUR search, and make it availalble to you for purchase, should it be of interest. Pricing starts for as little as $.02/playlists for playlists with 500 or more followers.

Spotify Playlist Finder (SPP)

We have created the search tool below, which allows you to search by keyword genre to find prospective playlists for your music. Immediately after entering a keyword and clicking the “Start Search” button, this unique tool will show you how many playlist are found in the Spotify Database that match this keyword.

Please note that many of the total playlists have fewer than 50 followers and we will eliminate these from your search results. Also note that we remove duplicates of which there are also many. Narrow search terms that show a few thousand matches, after our sorting and filtering process is completed, may only contain a couple of dozen playlists. You should considering doing a broader search to ensure that you find more popular playlists with larger numbers of followers.

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