Here’s How To Access The Training Video

As mentioned elsewhere on our site, Spotify makes it very difficult for Spotify Artists to find and speak with Spotify Playlist Owners. To that end we have assembled a training video on a method that we use. We estimate that it has an approximate 50% success rate. We provide free access to this video for simply posting an announcement about our service on social media.

Here are the instructions.

1. Follow/Like our pages and post here:

And then post the following to your FB or Twitter account(s)

[Text to Post] I just found this new tool that allows me to search and find Spotify Playlists and contact information. If you are a musician that sells music, this is a REAL find! Go here to learn more:

2. Verify that you have completed #1.

Once you have done #1, log-in to your PlaylistMM account and click the video icon on the left side of your account page. This will open a small layer with two buttons. Click the button that says “Verify My Social Media Posts” and insert your

a. Twitter or FB account URL where we can confirm #1.

Once we have confirmed your likes, follows and/or posts (usually within 1 business day) we’ll send you an email and let you know that we have verified your social media posting – and when you log back in, you’ll find this training video in your account.

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