Our Mission:

To Connect Spotify Artists
with Spotify Playlist Owners

We directly connect independent artists with Spotify playlist owner through the use of unique search tools and resources that helps artists get their music on Spotify playlists and gives playlist owners (curators) a way to monetize their playlists while discovering new music. We do not act as a middleman.


PlaylistMM is the most active community of Spotify Artists and Curators because of the Search Tools Created for Both Artist and Curators and Provided at No Cost

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How Do We Do This?

We accomplish this in 3 ways:

1 By making available a unique Spotify Search Tool that allows Artists to search the Spotify database by genre, to find playlists that might be suitable for their music. We call this the Spotify Playlist Finder or SPF for short. This is a free tool.

2 By making available a unique Spotify Search Tool that allows Playlist Owners to search the Spotify database to find songs that might be suitable for their playlists. We refer to this as the Spotify Song Finder or SSF for short. This also is a free tool.

3 By registering both Spotify Artists and Spotify Playlist Owners on our site to create a database of contact information so Artists and Playlist Owners may easily contact each other to discuss partnerships, collaborations, playlist pitches and other cross-promotional activities

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What Makes Us Different:

Our search tools utilize Spotify’s API which allows us (and therefore you) to directly search Spotify's database to find the information you need. These automated searching tools will save you an enormous amount of time over doing manual searches from your Spotify account. As importantly, these search tools are completely free!

Many of the other Spotify services that are available relegate you to a passive or indirect role. They don’t put you directly in contact. They act as a middleman. That means you are relying on someone else and you do not have control or review of what they do say on your behalf. That is not how we operate. We give you the information you need and YOU are in complete control!

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