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There are three main hurdles to getting exposure on Spotify or any of the other music streaming platforms ( Pandora, Apple Play, etc). The first is the quality of your music and-- for that -- you are clearly on your own. However, the next two are something we can help you with. They are:

Finding Relevant Playlists
Finding Contact Information for the Playlist Owners (Curators)
Total Number of Playlists For Which We Have Contact Information

Our site, Playlist MatchMaker, has a free Spotify Playlist Finder search tool on it. This tool allows you to search the Spotify Database and find hundreds and quite likely, thousands of relevant playlist for your music. It is quick, free, easy and it will save you dozens if not hundreds of man-hours if you tried to generate the same list on your own, they we are going to provide you in less than an hour. The information from this search provided by Spotify allows you to sort by the number of followers so you can readily identify the most important playlists.

Beyond simply finding a playlist, your next step is to contact the owners about collaborating or having them add your song to their playlist. As you may know Spotify provides NO contact information to assist you in doing this – and this is a huge obstacle. Not to worry though, because we have developed an automated system to scour the public domain and find the contact information for playlist owners.

When you conduct a playlist search on our site, you’ll see all the information that Spotify provides PLUS in the right two columns you’ll see IF we have contact information available for the playlists in your search – and if so, what the cost for this contact information will be. The screenshot below illustrates this.

We currently have contact information for 79,528 playlist owners or curators and this number is growing daily. Currently this information is for Spotify only, but in the future we hope to expand this to other streaming services.

You can use the search form immediately on this side to find out HOW MANY playlists for your genre we have contact information for.
Owner Contact Information Search

This contact information is available for purchase, and it is priced beginning at $.02/playlist for playlists with 100 followers, and the pricing increases as the number of followers increase.

In most cases what we will provide for contact information is a Face Book profile URL. In other words, we will provide you with the playlist owner’s Face Book profile page link. From this page you are able to friend request them, contact them on messenger, leave a post, and view what additional contact information you might find on their FaceBook page.

There are other sites that act as a middleman between you and the playlist owner. That means you rely upon them for the success of getting your music on a playlist. We think there is a better way. That way is to put you directly in contact with the playlist owners. That means you and not someone else, is entirely in control of your success.

To get the details of which playlists in your genre we have contact information for, you will need to use our free Spotify Playlist Finder search tool and conduct a genre search. The results provided to you will show you ALL playlists we have found in the Spotify DB and you’ll be able to see for which one we have contact information and how many followers each playlist has.

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