Purchasing Contact Information For
Playlist Owners From Your Search

Most searches conducted using our Spotify Playlist Finder Tool return thousand of matches, and in cases where a very broad keyword search like “Country” is used, thousands upon thousands of matches are found.

As mentioned on the Playlist Finder Tool page, Spotify does not provide contact information for playlist owners, therefore you are left to your own devices for finding this information. If you tried to find this contact information on your own, for a search with even a small number of matches that returned a few hundred playlists, it would take you ten’s of hours. And, if you tried to do this for a search of a popular genre like "country", it would take you hundreds of hours.

The good news is that, using our own proprietary tools, we have been able to gather a sizeable number of Playlist Owner's contact information – and you have the option of purchasing this contact information.

Contact information starts at $.02 each for those playlists that have 50 – 500 followers, and it incrementally increase as the number of followers increase. Below is a partial example of the pricing for the contact information we provide. The example belows shows pricing for playlists on the smaller end of the scale. We often have the playlist owner information in our system, containing playlists with up to, and even over 100,000 followers.

When you go to your PlaylistMM Account you’ll see a BUY button which, when opened, will show you the complete listing of playlist owners we have available for purchase from your search results. While we have some contact information in our database, with each new search we use our proprietary tools to scan and find contact information that we might not previously have had. This process of searching for contact information takes time. It may take upwards of a week for us to complete this work, so please be patient. Once this information is available we'll send an email to notify you have its availability. You can click this link to Go to Your Account Now and check the status.

The contact information we have in our system is up-to-date and accurate. However we cannot control and therefore we make no guarantees or representations that the playlist owner will respond to your inquiry.

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