1. Is Playlist MatchMaker connected with Spotify?

No, Playlist MatchMaker is not owned by or connected with Spotify in anyway. Playlist MatchMaker is owned and operated by TMJ Software.

2. How is Playlist MatchMaker different that other sites?

There are a few sites somewhat similar to Playlist MatchMaker that connect Artists with Curators. They do this by playing the role of a middle man. We think there is a better way, which is to put the artist directly in contact with the playlist owner or curator - and that is one important distinction which sets us apart.

In addition, PlaylistMM has two developed two extremely useful and valuable search tools that are free for anyone to use. One allows artists do perform keyword searches, by genre, to locate playlists. The other allows playlist owners to do searches by artist, tracks, or albums, to find new releases, popular tracks, identify the most popular artists, and much more. No other site has anything like these two tools. The are extremely useful and whether a playlist owner or curator, will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

3. How does Playlist MatchMaker access Spotify data?

Spotify provides a set of tools, known as an API, to the public that allow access to their data in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on their site. When you conduct searches on Playlist MatchMaker, the data provided to you is taken directly from the Spotify database. This data is provided to you free of any cost.

4. Where does Playlist MatchMaker's Playlist Owner (Curator) contact information come from?

The contact information we have for playlist owners does not come from Spotify. Spotify provides no contact information of any kind.The contact information for playlist owners that we have comes from two sources. One is from registration of playlist owners on our site. The second is from information, available in the public domain, we gather using our own proprietary tools.

Access and use of our entire site is FREE except for access to this playlist (Curator) contact information. There is a charge for you to access this playlist owner contact information. Go here to learn more.

5. What kind of contact information do you provide?

In most cases the contact information we provide will be a link to the Playlist Owner's Face Book page With this link or URL you can access the person’s Face Book account and, using Messenger, send a message to him/her. In some situations we may also provide email addresses. This is not common, but where such information is also available, we will provide it. As with any correspondence we do not and cannot guarantee whether a playlist owner will respond to your message.

6. What happens to the personal information I supply when I register on the Playlist MatchMaker site?

Whether you are a Playlist Owner or an Artist, all information you provide to us is kept confidential. If you are a Playlist Owner or Artist who has registered on our site, you can control access to the contact information you provide us, by either giving us or denying us permissions to share your data with other site users. You can change this permission at any time, by logging into your My Account page, and toggling the permission checkbox on or off. This privacy policy applies to any and all information you provide. It does not apply to information, available in the public domain, that we have found using our own proprietary tools.

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